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Dear Watersport friends!

walter 1

Thank god, we traveled nearly around the whole world, any place more beautiful and more interesting than the other, till by fluke we ended up on the smallest Balearic Islands- Formentera. It took some long Mojito-Nights, until we decided our name- wet4fun.

wet4fun as a symbol of our ideas and goals. Water sport is the philosophy of life. Movement in harmony with nature trains our body and gives energy for new challenges. Windsurf is our living elixir.

The fascination of a new maneuver or the altitude flight with the trapeze, everyone of you is able to experience such a unique feeling. Lots of like-minded people have already been here and got an idea of the island, the spots and our stations.

We thank everyone for the positive feedback, we received and for passing it on.

wet4fun keeps holding on on his philosophy and is thrilled to experience a new season, in which we fully enjoy the Windsurfing and Cat sailing together.

Walter Baldinger
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