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Canoe rental
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Family fun: Canoe!

A Canoe excursion in the Mediterranean Sea is an experience of a special kind. The scenery and the colour spectacle of Formentera do highlight every trip. Either you exploit yourself by paddling or you just enjoy pleasurably your turn. Both does freshen up body and mind. For families we offer special canoes in a threesome. wet4fun disposes of 40 Canoes leading to the possibility to realize excursions in big groups.


Rental conditions

Canoes are only rented if:

  • the renter leaes a deposit of 50 Euro
  • the renter brings an origin ID or passport or a copy of this document

The client has to emerge for the return transport, possibly occurring damages, losses or superior contamination of the rental equipment.


Rental prices


  Single Double
1 hour 15€ 11€ pp
2 hours
25€ 36€  
3 hours
32€ 46€  
10 hour package 110€ 170€  
1 Day 68€ 90€



Several times a week we offer paddle tours to for example the caves of Punta Prima, Cala En Baster and Isla Llarga.

Duration: 3 or 4 hours

Date and route: on agreement

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