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The island

With about 82 km² the Balearic Island is the smallest, most southern seated and for many visitors the loveliest island which has retained his original charm. In the end of the 60ths the destination of the hippiemovement, today the isle for those seeking tranquility, nature lovers and individualists.

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Sun and sensualism

The came true dreamscenery, crowned by breathtaking dune formations at Es Palmador, the most beautiful off the coast island.

Formentera- a paradise concisting of seductive white sand and cristal clear water.

Vacation with the elements

Since various years the small Pitysenisland is getting more and more attractive for wassersport mates.

The perfect wind- and water conditions, even during the winter months provide optimal conditions.

The 69 km long coast, there of 40km sandy beach as well as the straight closeness to the sisterisland Ibiza do transform Formentera into a dream destination for sailing sport.
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