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Windsurfing vacations and windsurfing tuition whilst on holiday with wet4Fun


Windsurfing is an attitude to life and often called one of the most extreme thrills of body movements. No matter your level, Windsurfing really is more accessible and achievable than it ever has been before. It is a great exercise, addictive and above all fun.


Racy planing over whitecaps, the adrenaline of speed – your entire body will feel the power of wind that boosts you over the deep blue sea. Here, within the Western Mediterranean you will find the perfect location for your windsurfing adventure. Switch off for a week and take your time to enjoy one of the most exciting sports of the world.  No matter what level of windsurfer, we will provide a basis for an ideal windsurfing week that guaranties fun and the taste of success, whilst on holiday with wet4fun.

Use the wind, benefit from 20 years‘training experience and learn to windsurf

With the combination of beach and water based coaching your windsurfing technique will rapidly improve. Our instructors ensure groups are split according to ability enabling each individual to gain the most out of their holiday. The instructors are always available to offer friendly and professional advice. Our windsurfing scheme generally divides into basic and advanced and takes you progressively through the skills required to become a competent windsurfer in a variety of conditions. In addition to the practical elements, each session covers a small amount of windsurfing background knowledge.
After an initial assessment which may include a brief water session we will define your individual proficiency level.  It is important that you feel good in the group and have as much fun as possible.  Even during the course it is still possible to change the group in order to bring out the best in you.


Learning targets of the basic course will be Sailing Position, Steering and Tacking the Board, Stance and Jibing. Soon you will hold the wind in your hands and join the ranks of those who are super cool.  At the end of your course you will have the opportunity to graduate with the international windsurfing certificate.


The advanced windsurfing course aims at helping windsurfers develop their skills and get maximum enjoyment while out on the water.  Learning targets of the course are advanced manoeuvres such as beach and water start, transitions and planing techniques, the proper use of the harness and foot straps.  When blasting down the waves you will definitely fall for the fascination of windsurfing.  During the course high tech Monofilm sails and very light boards will be applied.

An interesting and multilateral windsurfing course program

Ideal windsurfing conditions, state-of-the-art equipment and a professional staff will inspire you. Our sailing tuitions are friendly and individual and guarantee maximum process in shortest time. Take advantage of the know-how and a twenty years’ experience of the watersport centre wet4fun and windsurf with us on top quality and top locations.




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